Thursday, June 24, 2010

A whole day of fun and celebration

note: sorry everything is italicized....for some reason Blogger won't let me un-italicize everything :/

Wait...this is a joke right? It's been a month already, really! That can't be possible...I feel like I just unpacked everything yesterday!

Well to celebrate, Ali and Nivu took me a plum wine distillery, the famous Sun Moon Lake, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, an old train station, and then a dinner party! I have 111 pictures from Wednesday to put on this blog entry....ready? 

Plum Wine Distillery

one of their logo characters

this is a Bunun knife

this little piggy is relieving itself 

Sun Moon Lake

We had so much fun here!

ahead is the most expensive hotel in Taiwan

the view

engagement pictures being taken

Ali on the boardwalk

lots of jumping in the next few pictures!

Nivu and Ali


ow for some glamor shots of Ali

Taiwan's next top  model?

Nivu and I goofing around

Longfeng Temple and the Matchmaker God Shrine

On the way to our destination Ali asked if I wanted to see a temple, and I said why not...I could take a few cool pictures there anyways. I was confused because there were a lot of young people walking around, and usually you see  older people at temples praying. Then Ali told me people were here praying to the  Matchmaker God in hopes of finding a good love match in the future. 


Longfeng Temple

the entrance from the back


young people burning money for the Matchmaker God

stone dragon sculpture

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village 

This place is like half outdoor museum and half amusement covers the history of aboriginal groups all over the world. You will see that the day goes from sunny to pouring rain...

we're here!

entering the garden first

they shot a Taiwanese drama here

pretending to be a sculpture

Ali running towards us while managing to look cute

paparazzi time

cartwheeling..what else?

going up!

the view

being cutesy with Ali

silly with Nivu

this rock was tipping over a bit

always understand where your water comes from!

uh oh?


Ali, Nivu, and I watched people perform all types of dances and ceremonies from different Taiwanese Aboriginal groups.

the person in the middle throws up this wooden woven ball...

....and whoever catches it with their spear will have good luck for that year


this looks so much like PSIDE's tinikling!

except they use sticks that remind me of raas sticks!

this was insane....there were 8 poles to dodge!

imaginary tea party 

the pattern on the table

Bunun tribe!

they will keep the bones of the animals they kill

it's sort of blurry...but they cooked thin slices of pork on this stone slab

so yummy!


lots of owls

even owls carved into other owls!

the stools were so cute!

making mochi!!

the mochi is so it's really hard to make

after pounding some mochi...we get to eat mochi dipped in chopped up peanuts with sugar

yum :)

eating some rice cooked in bamboo...i've actually had this before!

taro cake...really good!



off to our last stop...

...a water ride!

while we were on the started pouring! so we were soaked from the ride and the rain...

since it began to pour, we headed inside

this ride was scary!

on the monorail

Nivu in the back

Old Train Station

Around 4 we headed back to the mountains....but we wanted to stop at this pretty old train station...

where people used to wait

pretending to wait for a train

Dinner Party

this is Ali's reenactment of her trip to the doctors on our way back....hilarious! Her voice was hoarse, so she went in to get a shot. They gave her a shot in the butt, but for some odd reason the nurse forgot to close the curtain! Nivu and I could see her from outside! I laughed so was hilarious

two of the three Sav


's that were at dinner

Principal Ma's two super good friends...they love to joke around with him

the other Savi's mother

giving out chocolates I bagged

his cute!

his wife and other daughter

E bu...the one I talked about in an earlier blog entry

this is E bu's cousin...also named E bu...they were both named after their aunt. The Bunun language teacher almost named me E bu!

sad goodbyes :(

I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow!

Sa vì

p.s. I will be posting another entry hopefully tomorrow with today's pictures! I may not be in the mountains tomorrow, but it's not the very end quite yet!