Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to school

After a relaxing day off, everybody seems ready to get back to work. On Thursdays I usually go to 1st grade’s classroom because they have two periods of Chinese class. I sit in the back and read along out loud, complete the bookwork they complete, and practice writing words. 

Well today at the end of second period, a bunch of people were asked to go up to the front of the room and give an ending to a story we read. This time the teacher asked me to go up too! Then we all voted for who had the best ending to the story, and I ended up with 19 votes! My ending wasn’t that great, but it was sweet of them to vote for me.

my first grade textbook and workbook

The rest of the day wasn't too busy so I spent my afternoon observing classes and taking pictures :)

Finally, I get to see the mountains on such a bright sunny day

outdoor gate to the school

These two twins are always together…I have never seen one without the other. They also have an older sister in fourth grade and another older sister in sixth grade.

outdoor stairs

school hallway

Since it’s relatively warm (all year) compared to the U.S., Taiwanese schools have outdoor hallways. It’s really nice to not be cooped up indoors all day.

Sarah is on the right...and I'm blanking on other girls name :/

This picture is kind of cool…..I had intended to take a picture of these girls giving each other piggy back rides, but just as I took the picture the bell rang, and they began to sprint for class.

lunch time! 

When I can I try to eat with the fourth graders :)

Gym time! practicing a few throws

running back to gym class

I'm sad I can't make horizontal pictures like this any larger on this blog...
Lucy-Sherry took it for me during gym :)

the end of the day

Just to let all of you know I won’t be able to write a blog Friday night. (I’m telling you because someone yelled at me for not writing a blog on Monday -_-' ) Friday morning is Dong Pu Elementary School’s graduation, and then in the afternoon The Vox Nativa Music School of Taiwan will be heading to Jia Yi for a performance. We will be staying the night, and the next morning we will be heading straight to Luo Na for school.

So the next blog entry will be quite a long one with lots of pictures!

Until then,

Sa vì

p.s. I just realized you can click on the images to take a more detailed look at the may have to wait a bit for it to load completely though

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