Monday, June 21, 2010

My last day with Vox Nativa


This was my last day with the Vox Nativa Music School of Taiwan :( 

practicing scales

my second favorite song.. which is called "Taipei's Sky"

this is my absolute favorite's called "Take These Wings"...they sing the Chinese translated version, and it's seriously the best version I've ever heard. I've heard other versions on youtube, and no other choir can sing it like these kids do.

Teaching the new kids "Take These Wings"

practicing in the stairwell

practicing outside

Sunday afternoon is spent in English class

we let Dupi run home for a bit hehe

There are other pictures, but they were taken by a different photographer. I'll post them when I receive them....hopefully by next week!


This is officially my last week with the Luo Na elementary school kids, and I don't want to leave!

Principal Ma says the grapes grown here in the mountains are pretty famous! They were really good :)

goofing off inbetween classes

on A-li's motorcycle

A-li at her meeting

while A-li was in a meeting, I decided to walk around....I never understood why this tank was here

view of the street

A-li took me to a different area where I could see all of Luo Na's can even see the school!

I've never seen flowers like these!

each flower is pretty big too


3rd grade gym class


4th graders laughing at this one younger kid who just recently shaved all his hair off

the following pictures are all with the 4th graders and taken by 4th graders


Sarah and Lucy-Sherry

I don't want this week to end! They are going to have to drag me onto that plane to Shanghai...I don't want to go anymore.

By the way...some people have been asking why they can't comment on posts. Well.. anyone can! It's pretty simple. At the end of each post, it says the post is posted by me, the time the entry was written, and the number of comments. Just click on the words " 0 comments", and a box will pop up where you can write whatever you want.

Sa vì

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