Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Funday :)

Hello everyone!

Today.... it finally stopped raining (wohoo!), but there were still a lot of clouds hovering over the mountains this morning.

Since most of the villages around here don’t even have supermarkets or libraries….there most certainly isn’t a veterinary hospital around! Once a month a veterinarian will visit the mountains to neuter and spay the dogs and cats for free. Well today was that day, and there was quite a line of cats and dogs outside.

By the way…I’m not sure if I’ve introduced her to you guys, but this is Dupi, Principal Hong’s dog. She comes to school every once in a while.

Since the classroom Principal Ma usually uses was used for spaying and neutering dogs and cats, today’s lessons was held in the school library. Most of the time was spent sharing journal entries the students had written about what they are grateful for. Many of these kids come from broken homes or have lost a mother or father early in their lives…..I almost couldn’t hold back the tears.

I love this sassy little fourth grader…her name is Lucy-Sherry

Oh Dupi sat in class today haha…I wish this picture wasn’t blurry!

He is SUCH a fantastic singer….he was abandoned by his mother at a young age, and his grandma is the only one that looks after him.

When he first came to school….he couldn’t even do simple addition or subtraction. On his most recent math test….he got a 70 :)

This little boy started sobbing before he could finish his story

I was so moved by all of the students who spoke, and all of them are so brave for being able to share such personal stories.

After lunch....English class!

I observed 4th grade’s English class

p.s. the answer is “ I love dragon boat festival”….it’s coming up!

talked to the English teacher's assistant for a while

as usual…talking to Lucy-Sherry during breaks…

Hug is on the right (yeah his name is Hug :) )

*gasp* an American! David actually grew up in Philly and graduated from the University of Maryland!

she clearly was goofing off during class…tsk tsk

off to bed,

Sa vì

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  1. aw steph i love this blog!! it's so nice to see how much you're enjoying everything there and the pictures are beautiful!! i miss you a lot but i'm glad we're both happy and doing things for our careers :) can't wait to see you and keep reading these blogs!!!! :D :D love you girl