Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend adventures :)

This weekend I finally got to take a break :) Of course....that doesn't mean I was any less busy. Saturday was voting day and Principal Hong's daughter's wedding! Early in the morning Principal Ma left to go vote and do his own stuff, and A-li went to vote before she came to pick me and Ne-vu up. A-li, Ne-vu, and I went to the wedding banquet was quite a drive. It took us about 2 hours to get to Taizhong, but it only felt like half an hour (maybe i'm used to the 3 hour drive to State College now?) !

the wedding invitation

After getting lost in Taizhong for a bit, we finally found the banquet hall. This banquet hall is specifically for weddings, and let me tell you....every level of this building had a wedding going was insane!

the gorgeous lobby

decorations in front of the room

so pretty!

I love the color of the roses she used!

little wedding picture cards to take home

the wedding that was going on across the hall...I took a peek in their room, and I think that huge purple and yellow light thing is amazing!

Sorry...back to the Principal Hong's daughter's wedding..

inside the room

a list of all of the courses....I thought there would be 10...but there were 12 courses

I'm so sad this is the only picture I have of E-bu! I wanted to get a picture with her after the wedding, but she left before I could find her.

E-bu stayed at the principals' house for a couple of days for singing and piano lessons for the singing and piano test right before the wedding. When she stayed over I helped her study for her English test, and she got a 100% :) Congratulations E-bu!

The bride was about to enter the hall, and a bunch of the servers stood in two lines to make a walk way for her.....they all held a plate of rose petals and a candle.

this picture was a mess up but I thought it was funny. It looks like there is a laser beam lighting the candle....

the bride walking down the aisle as the servers throw the rose petals

bride and father

the bride and groom reach the stage as everyone sings

exchanging vows

lifting the veil


second outfit change! They even sang a duet together!

first must have been awkward because the photographer told them to hold the kiss....for a VERY long time haha

It's funny...before I came here I never thought I would actually go to an engagement ceremony let alone take pictures for one! After the engagement, I never thought I would actually go to the wedding ceremony let alone FULLY PARTICIPATE IN ONE!

This is what happened...

Fay, A-li's church friend, was sitting next to me and told me the groom and bride are about to do the flower bouquet throw...but with a new twist (apparently this is a new thing a lot of bride and grooms are doing now). Basically the bride holds 4 pink ribbons and 4 blue ribbons. She holds one end of all of the ribbons, and she calls up 4 single girls to hold the other end of the pink ribbons and 4 single boys to hold the other end of the blue ribbons. Once the bride lets go of the ribbons, the boys and girls tug on their ribbons. Among the ribbons, one blue and one pink ribbon are knotted together. The boy and girl who are holding those ribbons are supposed to go on a date. (in this case....we had two pairs of ribbons knotted..)

This is something I've never seen before, so I decided to get closer to the stage to get a better view ( like all the other people taking photographs). So I walk over to the front of the stage with my camera ...and just as I'm about to take pictures......I hear the bride yell, "STEPHANIE!"

My first thought was... "uh oh". Clearly this bride does not know I'm NOT a single gal. I shook my head and waved no to the bride, but the announcer yelled at me for taking up the brides time. So.....I took a pink ribbon...

the bride giving out pink and blue ribbons

me holding one of the pink ribbons!

all 8 of us pull our ribbons

the four people who had the knotted ribbons

the boys asking the girls out on a date ON THE STAGE! (thank goodness I didn't have the knotted ribbon...what would I have said? "sorry...I have a boyfriend...oh and I don't live in Taiwan anyways?") Of course the girls said yes, and the couples were given movie tickets.

Fay, A-li, and Ne-vu (silly girl!)

there we go...

Ne-vu, A-li, Principal Hong, her son, and me!

A-li, me, and Ne-vu

So I left the wedding with a pink ribbon!

After the ceremony, A-li, Ne-vu, and I shopped around in Taizhong....

getting food at a vendor!


there were quite a lot of people out for such a rainy day...

It's neat to see how busy the streets of Taiwan can get at night!

That night we stayed over at A-li's friends house. I shared a room with Ne-vu, and this morning she told me that I was a very active sleeper. I did wake up once to find my leg totally on her side of the bed (oops!), and she told me that I kick my blankets a lot. Also I apparently cross my legs in my how someone would cross their legs when they are sitting on a chair! At least I didn't snore...that time....hehe

In the morning we had a huge breakfast, and we planned to leave at 10....but as all 4 of us were having a good time became 11....and then it was 12......and then we finally left the house at 1. We totally lost track of time we were having such a great time.....

This weekend was truly a fabulous break from school and such......

Things I learned:

1.Right now 林志玲 is considered to be the most beautiful Taiwanese girl.
2. There are some really crazy drivers in Taiwan....and I never ever want to drive here....
3. Apparently I don't really look like an ABC (American born Chinese)...I look more like someone Japanese or Korean .....A-li, Ne-vu, and all of the guests said that too....apparently it's because of my eyes...

Off to bed,
Sa vì

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