Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Picture above taken by A-li :) I think it's extra fantastic!

Today Luo Na Elementary School had a graduation for the sixth graders and the kindergarten kids!

the sixth grade students take a lap with Principal Ma....apparently this is a tradition

about to head to the auditorium

our sixth grade MCs

the sixth graders and kindergarten class up front

sixth grade graduates first

back in their seats with diplomas

(sixth grade teacher in the back)

posing for the camera haha

kindergarten up next!

getting their diplomas

Teachers gave out awards...

After the awards were given out, the kindergarten boys and girls performed a little song and dance :)

boys performed first

then the girls!

they are all so cute!

their presents were practically bigger than them!

the sixth grade teacher's speech

sooo many 6th, 5th, and 4th graders started crying....

all of the sixth graders giving their teacher homemade thank you cards...

since the sixth graders are leaving....the kindergarten class introduced themselves to the 4th and 5th graders

this boy is so cute! he got stage fright and Principal Ma had to help him out...

the kindergarten and sixth grade class bowing to the 4th graders, 5th graders, and parents

sixth grade class singing their graduation song

a few last words...

class picture :)

feasting with the sixth grade class, teachers, and parents

even though all the teachers decided to make today a half day..4th grade still had gym class though

6th grade parents vs their parents

Since we only had half a day of school...I just wandered around school and took pictures...

these leaves are HUGE!

there were so many tadpoles!

a kid showed me all the bugs he was storing in his jean pocket HAHA

the view of Luo Na's main street from the school

the statue in front of the school

So Principal Hong thinks Dupi is starting to become really overweight because people keep feeding Dupi....

So she had an idea....

We drove away without Dupi, and he chased the car home.....

About half way home we stopped because Dupi looked tired...

the village is really well known for its grapes...they bag all their grapes so they are extra pretty!

back at Principal Ma's house! Look how happy Kiki (another one of their dogs) is!

Dupi just collapsed on the floor once we got home

view from stairwell

Geesh this post had a LOT of pictures didn't it?

Well congratulations to the sixth grade class and kindergarten class,

Sa vì

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