Friday, June 11, 2010

A day with A-li

Today Principal Ma had stuff to do, so I spent the whole day with A-li. In the morning A-li and I finally finished organizing all of the donated clothes and toys that we started to organize a few days ago.

When I'm not in class or helping with A-li with something I'm usually in the principal office practicing my Chinese. Of course during breaks the kids will always look through the window and see what I'm up to if I'm there....

haha I saw this and made him stay like that so I could take a picture!

haha goofy kids....gotta love them...

look at what A-li stuck to the top of her computer cute!

After lunch with the 4th graders, we spent the WHOLE afternoon organizing all the choir clothes at A-li's place....

She had SO many books in her room, and she started showing me some of her favorites. We talked about our admiration for architecture and architects. She showed me a book of designs from her favorite architect Tadao Ando. Then she showed me this book, and I feel in LOVE with it!

The Chinese cover...

The French cover.....(Tippy: My book of Africa)

It's about this French girl Tippi Degré who was born in Namibia, and both her parents are freelance wildlife photographers. While she was in Namibia she became friends with SO many different type of wild see her playing with elephants, cougars,'s an amazing photo book! I highly suggest anyone who's interested to at least take a look at this book if you happen to be in a book store.....SUCH amazing photographs!

Tippi hugging a HUGE frog's like the size of her!

a baby tiger sucking on Tippi's finger

Tippi sitting on an elephant's trunk

This book is so amazing! I'm tempted to go back to the states to find it!

After we finished organizing all the choir clothes, looked through books, and decided what we were going to wear to the wedding banquet tomorrow.....we went to another village to visit her friend....

from his could look down and see the little village where we had dinner tonight

So it was a nice relaxing (once again...rainy) day!

Sadly I won't be posting until Sunday night....I'm going to Taizhong for a wedding tomorrow, and then I'm staying there for a night, so I have a chance to go to the night markets, shop, and visit museums! Hopefully my next blog will be full of fun pictures :)

Until then,
Sa vì

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