Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stag Beetles

Poor A-li...Monday she was completely okay, and then yesterday morning she completely lost her voice! She took off today to see the doctor, so I had the day off and got to observe classes!

First thing in the morning, all of the grades took turns telling a story they read in class....

4th grade telling their story

Then I went straight to first grade's Chinese class to learn the new lesson. Their homework a few days ago was to bring a picture from their childhood.....

obviously I had to take a peek at them...such cute pictures :)

Then they had art class, so I stayed to see what they were drawing!

I believe both of the drawings above won prizes.

elementary school kids sure aren't afraid to use color huh :)

The teacher put up all the pictures, and the students voted which ones they liked best. The students with the most votes got candy!

During break a few first graders hijacked my camera! Here's what I found...

THEN a boy whipped out a whole container of stag beetles! All the boys kept chasing me around with beetles in the hands! Some of the beetles are HUGE!

yup that's a piece of watermelon in there haha....

look at this huge stag beetle!!

eventually I wasn't so scared of them and let some of the smaller onces crawl on me.....they hurt when they crawl on your skin!

all of the students (boys and girls) were playing with them!

This afternoon the 3rd and 4th graders were behaving so badly! A presenter came to talk to them about planet earth. Instead of paying attention..... kids kept playing with the stag beetles, running around, hitting each other, throwing books.....there weren't any teachers in the classroom, so I eventually got so frustrated I started intervening. I felt so bad for the presenter! The classroom was so noisy I had such a headache....I even stepped outside for a bit. She still gave them candy at the end too.....I totally would not have given them any candy at all!

Although the movie the presenter showed wasn't very appropriate for such young the middle of the clip....someone's head gets chopped off! You see goodness even I looked away...'s a treat for all of you! A short clip featuring Dupi!
(for the viewers who don't understand....I'm first telling to lift up her left paw, and then I tell her to lift her right paw)

Dupi is really smart! Sometimes she even outsmarts humans....

Sa vì

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