Tuesday, June 8, 2010

some people are in your life for a reason...

This morning someone sent me a picture of some sidewalk graffiti he or she saw this morning....it says "some people are in your life for a reason"

Totally made my day :) But it made me really think....you can always learn something from everyone you meet can't you?

Tuesdays! At Luo Na Elementary School this means everyone must attend Tuesday morning's school assembly! First they raise Taiwan's flag as some of the music students play the national anthem, and then the class awards are given. Classes get awards for the cleanest classroom and the most energetic class, and these awards are hung outside the classroom door.

raising the flag

4th grade got both cleanest classroom and most energetic

Since the school year is ending, the teachers finished giving out the rest of the awards...

I believe this award for either best academics or best student..

these are the 20 students who read the most books throughout the school year

Then the school security guard told a Chinese fable that I've actually heard before in Chinese school when I was younger. There was this competition, and whoever drew the snake the fastest wins. The first person to finish was like," hey! I'm already done, and all of you are such slowpokes....I can even add legs tof the snake I drew." The second person to finish drawing the snake won the contest because the first person's drawing wasn't an accurate picture of the snake.

our security guard telling the story

After he told the fable, he had a student draw names for a contest he held. I think every few weeks he will put up a riddle, and the students can put their answers on a piece of paper and hand it in. If the student correctly solves the riddle, they are eligible to enter the drawing for a prize.

drawing names

There wasn't much to do in the morning, so I got to go to first grade's Chinese class :) After lunch, there was a school assembly. A few people from some animal program came to talk to the students about dogs and educating them about how to approach dogs and neutering dogs. There are so many dogs here, especially strays. They even brought the MOST well behaved dog I have ever met in my entire left.

he sat like that the WHOLE time

some of the 4th graders with the dog

Later in the afternoon I did some random paper work, and then helped A-li organize the donated clothes. Christiana, our English teacher, noticed that this one boy wore the same clothes every single day. So she went out and bought some clothes for him. I helped dig out all of the donated clothes from the storage room, and A-Li started labeling who gets what piece of clothing according to which students need the clothes the most.

We were soon interrupted by some of the interviewers that weren't supposed to come until 5:30! It's funny.....so many people are always interviewing the staff of the Vox Nativa Music School of Taiwan, but it doesn't seem they like interviews much. Too many interviews I guess?! I am glad they are getting recognition though :)

Sa vì

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