Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing Dress Up

Today was one of those days where the weather decides to be totally bipolar. This morning was absolutely gorgeous! The clouds looked like they were sketched onto the sky....

raising the flag

Tuesday morning assembly

exercise time

A-li let me wear Vox Nativa's performance outfits to take pictures with the kids!

 at a small park near the school

thanks A-li for all these wonderful pictures :)

a picture with my 1st grade classmates

they are all sooo adorable!

then in the afternoon it started pouring...here two students are taking the flag down

had to take the picture with the 4th graders indoors....I blend right in don't I?

all my lunch buddies :)

some of the 3rd graders were completely soaked when they ran from gym class back to their classroom....so they all took turns blow drying their hair

Tomorrow I won't be in class...I'll be going out with A-li and Ni-vu! Then Principal Ma and Principal Hong are hosting a dinner tomorrow night, so hopefully I'll still have time to post some pictures!

Sa vì

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